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The next expansion of the award winning settler destruction game, Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate brings the fight to the Invaders with new spirits, mechanics, and more. Spirit Island is the award-winning cooperative, settler destruction strategy game. Players take the roles of powerful spirits, working together to defend their island from colonizing invaders who spread Blight and destruction wherever they go. Since the release of the Spirit Island core game, three expansions have followed, and Nature Incarnate is the next! Each expansion added new gameplay mechanics, new adversaries, new fear and blight cards, and introduced new ways to play previously published spirits. With Nature Incarnate, a new mechanic is introduced, the Incarna token, giving certain Spirits new ways to interact with the world of Spirit Island. Included in the Nature Incarnate box is 8 new Spirits: Ember-Eyed Behemoth, Hearth-Vigil, Breath Of Darkness Down Your Spine, Relentless Gaze of the Sun, Towering Roots of the Jungle, Dances Up Earthquakes, Wandering Voice Keens Delirium, and Wounded Waters Bleeding. Also included are 20 new Spirit Aspects, one new 1 Adversary: the Hapsburg Mining Expedition, Major and Minor Power Cards, Event Cards, Fear Cards, Blight Cards, and more! Experience the next chapter of Spirit Island with Nature Incarnate.

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

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