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Where can I park?

We have no dedicated lot, but like the rest of the city there is plenty of parking around us. There are many lots by and behind the Chase Mill and if you enjoy a nice walk you can park in the Winooski parking garage and we are just over the bridge.

Why is there a $6 fee?

We know you love playing the newest games and the $6 fee helps us build and maintain our game library. 

For those who want to play games, there is a $6 gaming fee to stay and play for as long you want (no in-and-out privileges). This fee is still charged if you bring your own games to play. The cost of food and drinks are not included

Do you take reservations?

We never know how long gamers will be at a table so unfortunately we do not take reservations or hold tables. If you are part of a group of 6 or more you should call and see if we have any large tables available.

Can we play for awhile, leave and return later?

Unless it is a break to stretch or get some fresh air, we don’t allow in-and-out privileges.

Can we bring in outside food & drinks?

No, since we are a restaurant and we have delicious things to eat and drink on our menu. We do allow reusable water bottles that we are happy to refill.

Do you rent out the space for private events?

We do rent out the space for meetings and private events during the weekdays from 7am - 4pm Contact us for rental and catering prices.

Can I host a party during open hours?

We love private parties and we have multiple options such as holding a few tables or renting you the whole downstairs. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Do you sell games?

Yes! We have over 650 unique titles for sale and we also can special order games.

How does it work?

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