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The original Patchwork is a board game by Agricola designer Uwe Rosenberg in which two players attempt to create the most impressive blanket from a collection of cloth tiles by fitting them together in the most efficient way possible.   Each player gets their own board made of a nine-by-nine grid and must take turns to select a patch from the shared pool in front of them. However, they can only select a patch as far as three spaces away from the spool token, and must be able to pay the required amount of buttons.  Once a patch has been taken the spool is moved and the current player must move their token along the time track as many spaces as is noted on the chosen piece. If a player does not take a patch they can choose to move their token one ahead of their opponent, and collect as many buttons as spaces they moved. Should a player token pass a button icon on the time track, then both players will be able to collect buttons equal to the amount shown on their current quilt. When both players have reached the end of the time track, then their button count is tallied and players minus the number of empty squares on their board from their score. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.Ages 8+2 Players

Patchwork Christmas Edition

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