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Mind Up! is a clever card game that’ll leave you wanting more. You start with a line of cards on the table equal to the number of players. Each player will pick a card from their hand and simultaneously reveal to make a new line right below. Order these cards from lowest to highest value. Players will then take the card directly above the one they just played and add it to their tableau. These cards will score points at the end of the round depending on their color and the order they were picked.

The round ends once there is only one card left in players hands, which will be added to their tableau accordingly. To begin a new round, the cards you played in your tableau become your hand. The game ends after 3 rounds and the player with the most points wins!

  • STRATEGIC CARD PLAY: Engage in a clever card game where players simultaneously reveal and order cards to build their tableau.
  • DYNAMIC GAME MECHANICS: Start with a line of cards on the table and strategically choose cards to play, aiming to score points based on color and order.
  • FAST-PACED ROUNDS: Experience quick rounds that end when only one card remains in each player's hand, adding to their tableau and scoring points.
  • INNOVATIVE CARD ROTATION: After each round, the cards played in the tableau become the player's new hand for the next round, keeping the gameplay dynamic.
  • ENDGAME SCORING: The game concludes after 3 rounds, with the player having the most points declared the winner, ensuring a competitive and engaging experience.

Mind Up

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