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  •  Do your friends consider you the expert on everything? If so, then Mansplaining is for you! This party game gives each player a chance to mansplain a random topic to a captive audience. The mansplainer for the round draws a topic card and four detail cards with random words. They then have 60 seconds to explain their topic — starting with the words, "Well, actually..." — while slipping in as many detail words as they can. They cannot use the words on their topic card during this explanation! When they finish, players write down their guesses for the mansplainer's topic and detail words, scoring 1 point for each correct guess. The mansplainer scores for each detail included in their explanation.  Perfect for any gathering of friends, family, or strangers who want to show off their expertise! With multiple topics and endless ways to play, Mansplaining is sure to provide hours of entertainment.


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