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NORSE & GREEK GODS CLASH IN AN EPIC BATTLE FOR THE SKIES! HIGH HEAVENS is a fast-paced, tactical miniatures game that boils tabletop wargames down to an easy-to-learn boardgame. Players claim victory by vanquishing the enemy pantheon or destroying the opponent’s homebase! Innovative RingChip System allows players to see. at a glance, how healthy and powered-up their gods are, without having to keep track with paper, pencil, dice or tokens. No two games are alike thanks to card draw, miniature placement, emergent combos and shifting strategies.Designed by Ryan Lesser (Guitar Hero, Rock Band), High Heavens brings the powerful and charismatic gods of Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology to the tabletop.

High Heavens

$60.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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