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What's the best match to a Christmas tree? A crocodile, a small girl, or the pyramids?

In Ensemble, players must work together to synchronize their choices without communicating. The ultimate goal is to prove that they are a close-knit group that can overcome any challenge, much like musicians in an orchestra.

Each round of the game presents a new challenge, revealed through a new beautiful illustrated card. Players must secretly choose the picture that matches the current challenge, then simultaneously reveal their choices. If all players' choices match, they can shout "Ensemble!" and advance to the next level.

The further players advance, the more challenging the game becomes. Will you and your team be able to reach the final level and claim victory?

Ensemble is a constantly-changing experience for the players due to the presence of scenarios that change the game and increase its difficulty. You may open each Scenario deck as soon as you successfully fulfill the conditions shown on the first card of that deck. Inside the Scenario decks, you will find new rules and new Remembrance cards!

2-10 players
Ages 8+


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