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DISTILLED: AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST EXPANSION - Explore the ingredients, recipes, and personalities of Africa and the Middle East with this expansion to Distilled: A Spirited Strategy Game. Get a taste of culture not included in the base game by distilling and selling new spirits such as Akpeteshie and Boukha. Use new distillery upgrades, powerful ingredients, and thematic items to win new awards in this fully compatible expansion. Distilled is a highly-thematic, medium weight euro game of crafting alcoholic spirits in a distillery for 1-5 players. The gameplay takes inspiration from the real-world distillery processes with resource management, recipe fulfillment, tableau building and mitigate-you-luck mechanics. You have inherited a distillery from a long-lost relative, and strive for the title of master distiller, through purchasing goods, building up your distillery and crafting the world's most renowned spirits. EXPANSION: This is an expansion and requires Distilled Base Game to play.

GAME NIGHT: Designed for 1 to 5 players. Playing time duration is 20 minute per player. Recommended ages 14 and up. Paverson Games is an indie board game publisher located in Wisconsin, focusing on rich, thematic, and aesthetic game experiences rooted in medium-weight mechanics and strategy.

Distilled: Africa & Middle East Expansion

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