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An ancient game beloved to this day, Mancala is the simple yet strategic 2-player game of moving pebbles from cup to cup on the board. Each player picks a side and places 4 pebbles into each of the 6 nearest cups. To play, pick up all the pebbles from one of your cups and drop them one-by-one into each of the next 4 cups. If the last pebble drops into an empty cup on your side, you get to take all your opponent’s pebbles in the opposite cup and put them in your end zone (your Mancala). If the last pebble played lands in your own Mancala, you get another turn. Play continues until all 6 cups on one side of the board are empty. Each player counts the pebbles in their Mancala – if you have the most pebbles, you win! Our Legacy Edition Deluxe Mancala game features a decorative folding wooden board and smooth, colored glass pebbles, the perfect game to play and put on display.

Deluxe Mancala

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