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Local Game Developers, Concept MedleyAnyone who seeks to lead a virtuous existence knows that sin lies everywhere. In Capital Vices, you are a new resident of the Capital trying to coexist in a community where food and money are limited but the temptation to sin abounds. Careful distribution of these resources is the path to virtue, but beware: your actions are not without consequence. Every operation may help the individual’s spiritual progress at the expense of the whole… or vice-versa. Avoid the seven deadly sins, embrace the seven heavenly virtues, and you’ll be victorious!

In Capital Vices players take actions in order to distribute colored resources of food and money. Doing so will earn you virtues but be sure not to generate a sin penalty! Ending a round with sin will omit you from scoring that round. Have the most virtue and earn a bonus point. The first player to have 7 points at the end of a round is the winner.

Capital Vices

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