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Beat the Parents Disney Edition is a 4-player family SHOWDOWN… the stakes have never been higher! Experience the magic in this kids versus parents, Disney-themed game of 150 unique drawing and active challenges. Teams go head-to-head, using their Disney knowledge to get the right answer. The stakes are high… wager a Disney movie everyone will have to watch if you win! If you love card games and Disney movies- this is just the board game for you. To begin, draw a card based on the gameboard space color that your team’s mover is on. Read the type of challenge (active or drawing) out loud and start! If you win the challenge, move forward one space. If you did not win the challenge, stay put. The other team goes next. The first team to complete their final challenge and cross the finish line wins! Play around the dinner table with the whole family! Beat the Parents is perfect for kids board games and card games for kids 8-12. 

Beat the Parents Disney Edition

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