Vienna Connection is a cooperative deduction game in which you lead a team of CIA agents, carrying out covert operations throughout Central Europe in the midst of the Cold War. It comes with 4 challenging missions creating an epic campaign.If you like spy movies or novels, Vienna Connection is the game where you can finally be a spy and do everything you’ve seen in the movies: contact informants, intercept Soviet reports, decode messages from the CIA, monitor wiretapped conversations.The multilayered story is deeply rooted in actual historical events that took place in Europe during the Cold War. Throughout the game you will meet historical figures and visit real places that held strategic importance during the conflict.Visit Europe in the '70sCompleting missions will take you to major European cities, such as Vienna, Prague, and Berlin in the middle of Cold War conflicts. You will communicate with local police and informants to gather intel from various sources.Stay undercoverYour every action increases exposure that might lead foreign agencies to uncover your activity and force the CIA headquarters to abort your missions. That’s why it’s important to efficiently balance your activities to stay undercover.Based on a classicVienna Connection is a stand-alone game inspired by the award-winning Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. It uses similar card mechanics and app support, while adding new mechanics connected to the spy theme.

Vienna Connection