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This war of mine – The Board Game; Welcome to the pogoren a besieged city where a group of people trying to survive the horrors an ongoing war. In this war of lead: The Board Game, you will need to make tough choices and cope with challenges each turn, the first player is the only one to decide actions of the group of survivors. The discussion is essential, but playing with the elements of the game. Who to give the night to plunder the rubble? That Pro fitera rations and of the Medicines? Each action is important. It will survive until the hostilities war of wealth: The Board Game is perfect ladaptation of the video game, to experience a deep history and impossible to forget. Share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with your friends contains: A Journal Book of scripts are sheet backup scenario cards 1 game board 4 plastic bases,, 12 figurines 4 dice in plastic 200 186 pieces 33 plastic markers.

This War of Mine

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