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The volcanoes are erupting! Tile by tile, the lava is gaining ground! In teams, help the adorable small dinos to flee to the high mountains before they are trapped in the valley. But don’t forget the nested eggs along the way!

This strategic but easy-to-play game encourages creativity. It brings strategy and simplicity together but remains a game of chance as well.


4 super cute Dinos figurines, 1 gameboard, 4 Volcanos & 4 Mountains, 9 Obstacles, 58 Danger Tiles, 6 Dino Egg Tokens and 1 big fabric bag. The illustrated rulebook comes in English, Spanish, French and German.

Family Game

This 1 to 4 players nature inspired game can be enjoyed by parents playing with their children as well as adults. Best recommended for ages 7 & Up.

The game that brings teamwork to the next level!

  • Cooperative Game
  • Very easy to play for ages 7 & up
  • Contains four cute dinosaur figurines
  • Encourages decisive teamwork

SOS Dino

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