A Fun and Exciting Game of Cat & Mouse (and Penguin) Brave adventurer penguins set out to claim the magical treasures of the Pyramid of Pengqueen. As soon as the penguins enter the pyramid, a voice whispers from the darkness. . . “Foolish penguinsss, I may be old, but I still have the powerrr to drag you down into my tomb for all eternityyy! ” The Mummy has stirred from its slumber, and now the penguins must move fast! Only the correct collection of magical objects will break the Mummy’s curse and allow the adventurers to escape with their lives (and as much treasure as they can carry). This thrilling cat and mouse board game will have kids, teenagers and adults on the edge of their seats! Fast, fun and full of unpredictable close calls, Pyramid of Pengqueen is played on a unique 3D magnetic game board, in a one vs all game of hide and seek that requires penguin treasure hunters to use strategy and risk assessment, while the Mummy player (who can’t see the penguins moves) must use deduction to catch them.  Ages 8+2-5 Players

Pyramid of Pengqueen

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