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The Lantern May Fade, but the Coin Still Shines The dark season has arrived. Money is tight, but opportunity is around every corner. And while the road is costly, the rewards are great! For these adventurous merchants, fame and fortune don't wait for the coming dawn. Become a Merchant of Highreach! Strategize and plan as you traffic the goods the kingdom needs to endure the dark season. Sell to heroes at the Ringway inn and make your fortune. Then deliver them to their faraway homes, along with a commission or two, and they'll be singing your name in the streets. Because when the darkness lifts, you'll need to balance fame and fortune if you want to be named the greatest merchant of all. 1. Use your dice to select actions in the city 2. Manage the resources in your wagon 3. Interact with players and events on the Dark Road Contents: 1 Kingdom Board 1 Market Wheel 5 Building Tiles 2 District Markers 16 Lantern Tokens 24 Quartz Tokens 12 Horseshoe Tokens 60 Coin Tokens 4 Wagon Boards 4 Player Screens 4 Prestige Markers 4 Wagon Pawns 48 Hero Cards (44x67mm) 22 Companion Cards (59x92mm) 26 Event Cards (87x112mm) 7 Steed Cards (59x92mm) 19 Deed Cards (67x44mm) 30 Commission Tiles 6 Wagon Upgrade Tiles 84 Goods Tiles 28 Night Dice 8 Illuminated Dice 5 Market Dice 5 Travel Dice 1 Oracle Die 1 Ruins Die 1 Private Concern Wagon Pawn 1 Private Concern Prestige Marker 1 Private Concern Goods Marker 10 Private Concern Action Cards (59x92mm) 6 Guild Notice Cards (59x92mm) 3 Sarcophagus Cards (44x67mm) 6 Delivery Tiles 1 Rulebook 1 Solo Rulebook/Adventure Book Ages: 13+ Players: 1-4 Game Length: 60-120 minutes

Merchants of the Dark Road

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