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Kingdom Death: Monster is a fully cooperative tabletop hobby game experience. Unite to survive by hunting monsters and collectively guiding the development of your settlement through a 25 year, self-running campaign. Every choice - from each showdown space moved, each desperately crafted piece of gear, to what Principles your settlement upholds - can have lasting impact on this highly replayable and challenging game experience. 

Campaign System
Embark alone or with up to 4 friends (6 with game variant) on a 25 lantern year campaign. Each year consisting of a cycle of hunt, showdown and settlement phases. With so much emphasis on player choice, no two campaign runs will be alike.

Monster AI System
Each of the 7 monsters included are controlled by their own pair of decks that scale to 3 levels of difficulty. (Except for the final encounter, he has only 1 level and it's HARD!) Every encounter, even with the same monster, is highly valuable, and no two showdowns will resolve the same way. Players will have to plan their gear and keep their minds sharp to prevail.

Gear System
In Monster, survivors will craft gear from resources earned from defeating monsters or found on their hunt. Each survivor has a gear grid, and can slot up to 9 pieces of gear at a time. Gear selection and arraignment is critical, as many gears have colored affinity boxes that provided bonuses and activate special rules when aligned correctly.

Story Event System
40+ Story Events, many affected by the innovations and choices you've made as a group during your settlement phase, will guide your campaign to its conclusion. Story Events cover everything from setting up and fighting a monster to key events that happen within the overall story. Some are triggered directly from the timeline and others from choices you make in game.

Kingdom Death Monster 1.6

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