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John Company is an interactive historical game about the rise and fall of the British East India Company from the designer of Root, Pax Pamir, and Oath. John Company is a business game with an important twist: players must collectively steer the fate of a single, sprawling organization. They must navigate its vast bureaucracy while reckoning with the consequences of their actions on the Indian subcontinent. John Company is the culmination of over a decade of research into the operation of the East India Company and offers an uncompromising portrait of the people who laid the foundations of the British Empire.

Each copy of John Company: Second Edition includes 108 wooden family pieces with 18 unique designs in 6 colors, a beautiful resin elephant, stackable tower pieces, metal flags, over 200 cards featuring period art work, 4 different scenarios and a robust automated opponent.

1-6 Players. 2-4 Hours.

John Company (2nd Edition)

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