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Alternative sculpts of the Kickstarter Creatures of Etherfields. All models come in PVC with selected parts and selected bases in ABS (same as corebox).

This addon does not bring any new gameplay mechanics to the game or other gameplay components; these models are purely a cosmetic but awesome addition that brings a new variety to game aesthetics and are perfect for model collectors!


22 Alternative Miniatures
  ‣ Automaton
  ‣ Chimera
  ‣ Ancient Ram
  ‣ Mortis
  ‣ Fortune Teller
  ‣ Nix
  ‣ Masked Man
  ‣ Sentinel
  ‣ Wraith
  ‣ Sweet Scent
  ‣ Scarecrow
  ‣ Tormentor
  ‣ Two-tailed Fox
  ‣ Moth Knight
  ‣ Warden
  ‣ Locker
  ‣ Frog
  ‣ Etherwolf
  ‣ Wolfling
  ‣ Candle
  ‣ Box Knight
  ‣ Murder of Crows

Etherfields: Alternative Creatures

$85.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
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