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Looking for a fun and engaging family board game that will engage your wits while being loads of fun? Then, look no further than R&R Games’ East India Companies! In the game, players take control of one of the four companies dominating the trade routes in 19th-century East India and run a trading company themselves to compete for the most sought-after goods of the Far East: tea, spices, coffee, and silk. Expand wisely, build new ports, and buy new ships to expand your empire. You can even profit from the growth of your opponents through skillful share trading! Experience an ingenious twist on a pivotal historical power struggle and engage in intelligent strategic play with this game. One of the best board games for adults and kids alike, this easy-to-understand game is ideal for family game nights. This board game comes with a beautiful map board. With a playtime of 90 minutes, the game is perfect for some engrossing fun. It is perfect for 2-4 players and designed for players 12 years of age and older. The high-quality components of the game also ensure long-lasting durability, making it one of the best board games you will come across.

East India Companies

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