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You're looking well, darling. One lump or two It's the most sought-after invitation of the year: Dinoton Abbey for high tea. Now you're all gussied up in your finery and ready for some tea and chit-chat. One problem: You can't remember anyone's name. Who's that, sporting the fancy brooch with her pet chicken Is that Jeannine Beatriz Oh, dear. If you're not careful, you'll commit a faux pas everyone will be gossiping about.Dinosaur Tea Party is a game of pure deduction for 3-5 individuals. Each player takes a card corresponding to one of the dino guests. Players take turns asking each other questions or guessing their dinosaur's name. If someone guesses your name, draw a new card. The first player to guess three names wins.

  • Adorable theme shines through with amazing art
  • One-of-a-kind teacup voting device works like charm
  • Random characteristic cards increase replay-ability
  • Based on Whosit (1976), precursor to Guess Who
  • Unique "answer recording" card system allows kids and parents to play together

Dinosaur Tea Party

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