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Whether you’re new to Cribbage or an expert in its strategy, this Deluxe Cribbage set will keep you coming back to play again and again. Players take turns scoring points by trying to lay down cards that total 15 or 31. They can also earn points by counting their hands and counting cribs (the Dealer’s hand). As hands are played, players keep score by “pegging” their metal movers along the track. Different combinations of cards from matches to runs score different points, adding to the strategy. Be the first player or team to reach 121 points, and you win. This Legacy Edition Deluxe Cribbage set features a lined wooden case with a Cribbage Board lid, 6 colored metal movers, and 2 standard decks of cards. Everything fits neatly inside the case, making travel and storage simple. Bring it along on your next vacation or give it as a gift to the game fan on your list. A popular game since its creation in the early 17th century, Cribbage Deluxe is the classic game that you’ll love to play with friends and family.

Deluxe Cribbage

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