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CASCADIA LANDMARKS - An expansion for CASCADIA™—more puzzly tile- laying and token-drafting featuring the habitats & wildlife of the Pacific Northwest the Landmarks expansion for Cascadia, players create sprawling habitats and place beautiful natural landmarks within them. Landmarks give each environment its own look and feel and provide dynamic end game scoring bonuses! In addition to the Landmarks module, this expansion includes more unique Wildlife Scoring Cards and Habitat Tiles to add variety and enough components to play Cascadia with 5-6 players! This expansion pack is perfect for ages 8 and up and allows for 30-45 minutes of fun! Perfect expansion for your game night! Cascadia is an Animal Environmental Puzzle Strategy Board Game. MECHANICS: Open Drafting. Hexagon Grid. Pattern Building. Tile Placement. Solo Game Mode. Variable Set-up. Designers: Randy Flynn, Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin & Shawn Stankewich. Artist: Beth Sobel. SPECIFICATIONS: 1 - 6 Players, 5 Minute Setup Time, 30-45 Minute Playtime, Ages 10+. This is an expansion. Base Game Required to Play.

Cascadia: Landmarks

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