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Cartographers Map Pack 4: Frozen Expanse - Realm of Frost Giants. Chill winds howl across the Frozen Expanse, where the Kaiika make their home and fearsome Frost Giants lumber through the snow. Queen Gimnax sent you to this cursed place with the fruits of a past expedition: the torn scraps of a map, partially finished by another cartographer who did not survive the journey. Now it's up to you to finish mapping the Frozen Expanse with the work of an ill-fated guildfellow to guide your way. 75 double-sided new map sheets featuring pre-scouted spaces and a frozen lake. Two new ambush cards and one new hero card. New gameplay focusing on restricted terrain placement requirements and a large gold bonus for surrounding a lake to discover an ancient relic submerged below. This map pack can be played with either Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale or Cartographers Heroes.

Cartographers: Map Pack 4 Frozen Expanse

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