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So you think beans are just another vegetable? Think again! In Bohnanza, you trade beans and sell them at the best possible price. The more you plant, the better your profits. But watch out and don't sell your harvest too soon! This anniversary collectors' edition comes in a high quality book style box with gloss varnish, velvet finish card tray and many smart details and extras that will make the heart of Bohnanza fans pound faster:


  • Complete Bohnanza 7 player game with 2 player variant
  • 1 Bean Coin (Metal)
  • 2 autograph cards of author and illustrator
  • New Magpie Bean
  • Field Bean
  • Detailed information on 25 years of Bohnanza

2-7 players - Ages 10+ - 45 minute play time

Bohnanza: 25th Anniversary Edition

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